GOLD award at evolution awards 2016 for the use of the application compareONE in 10 Public Hospitals

cosmoONE received the GOLD award at evolution awards 2016, for the “Use of the application compareONE by Public Hospitals”, in the category Application B-B Electronic Commerce & Electronic Business.

The application compareONE is a 360ᵒ solution with integrated functionality, which offers the possibility of automation of procurement processes of the Hospitals, optimizing the daily work of the users. Furthermore, it contributes to the achievement of significant economy of scale, because of the access possibility through cloud that it provides, without the need for internal IT infrastructure.

In 2015,compareONE was put into service by ten Public Hospitals of the country, replacing the system of receiving financial bids via fax and e-mail, with a modern system with a common interface for Hospitals and suppliers.
The application compareONE-“Electronic Market Research, Bid Collection and Management”, through a highly friendly interface environment, helps the Hospital fully meet the processes of drawing up and sending requests, finding and inviting suppliers, as well as receiving, evaluating and filing their replies in an electronic file with all the required security and transparency data.
The General Manager of cosmoONE, Mr Thanasis Petmezas, upon receiving the prize, stated on this: “This award confirms that cosmoONE fully understands the real needs of the Market and particularly of the Public Hospitals. The application compareONE, with its flexibility and functionality, significantly improves the operational efficiency and transforms the procurement processes.” On the occasion of completing 15 years of operational function of cosmoONE, the company will provide the application for a pilot use to any Public Hospital, or other Body that wishes to do so, in order to see in practice the existent benefits arising out of its use