Carry Out an e-Tender
in Less than 5 min

Make use of the SOFTONE eSOURCE application and run e-tenders easily, in minimal time.

Conduct e-Tenders for the Purchase of Goods and Services with the Application

SOFTONE eSOURCE application provides you with the solutions you need to optimize the tender processes for purchasing products and services, from supplier invitation to contract signing.

By offering a vast range of options, SOFTONE cosmoONE allows you to choose the services that cover the specific needs of your business.

Invitation for interest

Market research

Bid request

Direct Award

Tender with short procedures (Low Value Contracts)

Tender with stages and evaluation phases (Tenders)

Procure goods & services easily and safely

Procurement procedures may also be carried out in less time, with a wider range of options and total safety, tailored to the specific needs of each company.

Choose the most suitable partners among 13,000+ suppliers

Invite only your suppliers through the platform, or refresh your supplier register by openly informing the 13,000+ companies that are registered and classified in the application database.

Communicate with your suppliers through the platform

Communicate with your partners and suppliers through the platform. All actions and messages are recorded in the tender history for complete documentation and full control of the procedure.

Easily compare your offers
in multiple ways

Compare offers by unit prices, totals, subtotals, with budget discounts, or in combination with the score on the platform’s evaluation table.

Combine multiple comparizon criteria

Request bids using criteria lists, compliance tables, scorecards, payment codes or company files from the system library. Ability to combine criteria.

Easy interface
with any information system

Easily transfer the list of procurement items and the results of each tender to the software of the buyer, thanks to the tools that allow a direct interface with the information systems of the buyers.

Multiple Benefits for Every Business

Operating Cost Reduction

Control your expenses by managing more efficiently the process of demand and offer selection, but also the improved price offer.

Ensuring Total Transparency

Ensure the transparency of tenders by saving each tender’s history in its respective electronic folder.

Increased Efficiency

Drastically reduce communication time with your suppliers and optimize the procurement, price comparison and reporting cycle.

Access to 13.000+ Suppliers

Enrich your supplier register and get to know new potential partners through a sorted and constantly updated list of companies.