Company Profile

The 1st Provider for B2B e procurement services in Greece


cosmoONE is member of OTE Group of Companies, was established in June 2000 and commenced its commercial activity in January 2001.

We are basically the first company specialized in B2B e procurement solutions in Greece, with important contribution to the configuration and development of E-Business sector.

We offer to our customers,trustworthy and safe solutions, aiming to reduce procurement costs and to transform the procurement procedures, which are strategic levers for the improvement of financial results and profitability of Companies and Organizations.

cosmoONE’s clientele, includes the largest companies of Private Sector, included in all market sectors, such as Telecommunications, Banks, Insurance sector, Industry and Trade and important number of Public Sector Bodies as well.













Through the B2B Marketsite platform,are provided electronic corporate commercial transactions, covering the full procurement cycle and the completion of the relevant procedures (Tactical-Operational-Sourcing), which include the search of suppliers, the implementation of tenders, the negotiations, the orders transactions, the receipt of invoices and other supporting functions.


The continuous innovation and pioneering is for us a lasting procedure,leading at the improvement and development of provided solutions and is recognized:

• with commercial agreements for the provision of specialized applications in crucial sectors, such as in sensitive matters of online auctions of Energy Products to Public Utilities of Greek State (DEPA-RAE-Operator of Electricity Market), of hundreds million Euros value.
• with scientific cooperations to Research Projects with Greek and foreign Universities.
• with our continuous participation as experienced partner, to meetings of Public Sector and other Bodies,in B2B e procurement matters.




March 2001: The first B2B eAuction in Greece.

December 2004: The total transactions value through cosmoONE platform exceeds 1 billion Euros.

December 2007: The first eAuction in Greece is conducted for company of the general Public Sector.

December 2009: The largest to that point online auction amounting to 38.8 million euros is conducted abroad.

Μay 2010: The first Online Auction in State Hospital.

December 2012: The first eAuction of Gas sale is conducted, according to the regulations of Regulatory Authority for enegy (RAE).

February 2015: The first Dynamic Purchasing System is delivered for operation in Greece, according the European regulations for Public Contracts.

Νovember 2016: 364 e tenders take place during this month, with the total number to touch 2,260 within a year and to exceed 7,000 since the launch of application.

December 2017: The sourceONE application is certified for the use of public tenders over € 60,000 from the Development & Technical Support Division of ESHDHS-Ministry of Development.

December 2018: A bid record of 8 bits /sec is reached during an auction of Regulatory Authority for Energy with 192 participants.

Certified ISO 9001:2015


cosmoONE within the framework of its continuous effort to offer better services to its customers, was certified in July 2004 by Greek Organization for Standardization for the Quality Management System it applies, according to ISO 9001:2000 and in October 2017, according to 9001:2015.
The last renewal was conducted by ΕΒΕΤΑΜ S.A. on 25th October 2019.



Certification subject:

“Provision of Solutions and Services for businesses to businesses(B2B) electronic commerce ”.

Certification number: MIRTEC1-01-6847CER11.1101900334, 25 October 2019



The implementation of Quality Management System by cosmoONE aims to:

• the right design, monitor and continuous improvement of company’s activities, affecting the quality of the offered products and services.
• the maximum satisfaction of its customers’ requirements.