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Carry out e-auctions easily and
substantially reduce the purchasing cost of goods and services

Conduct e-auctions for purchasing goods and services through an application

Easily conduct a Live Auction to buy or sell goods and services, creating the competitive environment that will enhance your company’s negotiating power with suppliers and lead to the best possible outcome.

Give your chosen prospective buyers, resellers, and investors the opportunity to compete for the sale, improving prices through a clear process.

e-Auction Categories

Bidding e-Auctions

The objective is to obtain the best price, either as the lowest numerical value or by a combination of appropriate parameters such as technical evaluation and scoring. They are recommended for any purchases of goods, works or services for which the financial evaluation can be accurately specified. The use of electronic auctions does not negate the obligation to have a correct procedure for drawing up specifications and the method of evaluation.

Reverse e-Auctions

The e-auction aims for the highest selling price, or the best price in combination with the available quantity, with specific rules, among multiple candidates.

Ideal for selling or divesting one or many items of the same or different type in large quantities. It may also be used for market research, through a variety of packages offered that combine different goods and services.

When can auctionONE application be used?

You can carry out any purchase or sale via
the auctionONE application.

This includes:

High Value Purchases in relation to the object

Markets with High Competition on the part of stakeholders

Markets in an oligopolistic environment

Markets for behavioral trading products

Sales of goods, disposals of unwanted material and scrap, property leases

Recurring Sales/Disposals with broad participation potential

Which evaluation criteria can be used in a tender?

With the auctionONE application, you may choose the criteria that fit the needs of each purchase or sale.

This includes:

Best price

Quality factor

Evaluation score

Payment time


Every criterion may be expressed as a number

e-Auction Examples

Auctions for Goods

Office supplies | food | IT equipment | consumables | furniture | medical equipment | telecommunication infrastructure | raw materials | energy supplies and fuels | real estate | cars

Auctions for Services

Personnel transport services | courier services | security services | dismantling | storage services | advertising services | insurance contract services

Auctions for Projects

Building construction and reconstruction | maintenance and renovation | road construction contracts | integrated IT and infrastructure projects