cosmoONE’s platform is used by the Ministry of Finance for the seashore single use e-Auctions implementation in 2021-22


-Easy and secure access to the platform via TAXISnet
-Increased rents, resources saving and transparency

Through cosmoONE’s platform, the e-Auctions for the concession of a simple use of the seashore are also held in 2021-22, since the Ministry of Finance continues the cooperation with the company. The subsidiary of the OTE Group undertook the conduct of electronic auctions for the above mentioned period, after winning an open public tender.

The platform enhancements made this year include the configuration and interconnection with the TAXISnet system, to ensure easy and secure entry of users. In addition, the information process of the participants in the e-Auctions was upgraded, with their access to the website, in which the seashores available for auction are presented on a map.

The e-Auctions for the concession of the use of the seashore have been conducted through cosmoONE’s platform since 2017. To date, more than 700 e-Auctions have been successfully completed, leading to a 30% increase in leases, contributing to the increase of public revenues.

‘‘We are incredibly happy that the Ministry of Finance has entrusted us once again to carry out such an important project. CosmoONE, with 20 years of experience in e-Procurement and e-Auctions, well recognized know-how and a wide range of certified applications, helps enterprises and public sector organizations save resources, increase revenue, transform, and move into the new digital age. Our goal is to make the market aware of the e-Procurement benefits so more and more bodies active in any economy area and sector take advantage by applying these in leasing and sales of public real estate, auctions of used cars, watercraft and fixed assets.’’, mentioned Thanassis Petmezas, cosmoONE’s CEO.

ActionONE, cosmoONE’s online auctions platform, supports all available auction types, covering the needs of each and every enterprise and organization, through secure and transparent procedures. For more information about the available e-Auction types, check these short videos.