Corporate Culture

Our corporate philosophy


cosmoONE’s philosophy is that the quality of the rendered services is a continuous liability of all the involving members and all the functions, within the company and that the quality is estimated as an“experience indicator” by the customer.

We  all know in cosmoONE that our basic competitive advantage is the trust of the client at the concession of a business procedure of his to our company, and the consolidation of this philosophy guarantees it.

The culture of the company is to provide the suitable environment, where employees, executives and shareholders may create a vision for the service of the customers, which gradually turns to strategy, products and services.

The continuous vision of cosmoONE’s administration team was and is, to produce value through the rendered services to our customers, not only in financial level, but to also establish in market an “electronic way of thinking-approaching and implementing the total procurement cycle”.

Our corporate value

Our people


Driven by our labor culture, we respect the members of labor teams and we authorize them at maximum, in order to produce continuously at the maximum possible levels.
For us, your career shall be incorporated with the rest of your life and never be separated from it. We consider that labor shall create challenges, by inciting and giving bonuses.
We provide an excellent training environment, an encouraging framework of colleague relations and a world of opportunities for development.
If you have as target to succeed in a dynamic business environment with continuous changes and innovations, then the challenges becoming projects in cosmoONE will excite you!

cosmoONE’s advantage


Through cosmoONE platform, corporate supply procedures have been concluded for many and various companies, so we have the ability to continuously obtain and assimilate procedural expertise and business experience.

This advantage, in second place, we are able to diffuse to market, undertaking projects of high complexity, requiring extensive customization of the informative system and source code in many cases.

To us, e-procurements is not merely the provision of suitable application for auctions, but the provision of a feeling of confidence to our customers, that what we are proposing is technically feasible, legally correct, procedural efficient, commercially ethical and repaid by the benefits the customers shall obtain.