15 years of Electronic Procurements in Greece by the subsidiary company of OTE Group

15 years of Electronic Procurements in Greece by the subsidiary company of OTE Group

Athens, 11 February 2016: cosmoONE,the first company in Greece that specialized in B2B solutions for Electronic Procurement,completes 15 years of operation.

The subsidiary company of OTE Group has been offering, since 2001, innovative applications and services that allow businesses to automate their procurement processes, improve their implementation time and achieve reduction on their operational costs, as well as on their purchase costs.
The solutions of cosmoONE cover“electronically” all the stages of the procurement cycle, from finding suppliers, evaluating and selecting them (e-sourcing), to negotiating prices through electronic auctions (e-auctions) and sending the respective orders (e-procurement).

The first reverse electronic auction through the platform of cosmoONE took place in March 2001, for the supply of printing paper for OTE catalogues, while J&P was the first construction company that used the system for construction site supplies in the same year. In 2008, the first electronic auction at a Public Utility (DEKO) took place at Hellenic Post (EL.TA) and in 2010 Athens Naval Hospital was the first Public Hospital that used Electronic Auctions for is supplies. Since 2012, the marketing of the total units of Natural Gas, on behalf of the Public Gas Company (DEPA), started through Electronic Forward Auction.

Through the platform of cosmoONE, in the last 15 years, 4,000 reverse electronic auctions have been organized for purchases of goods, projects and services, with a total value of budget €1.2 bil. that lead in saving €200 mil., namely 18%, of the initial budget.
Electronic auctions are one of the most efficient ways to negotiate the prices of the supply of goods, projects and services for large organizations and businesses. The process is entirely executed online between the buyers and the suppliers. The application is web based, so no investment is required in internal IT infrastructures.

The General Manager of cosmoONE, Mr Thanasis Petmezas, stated on this: “With 15 years of know-how and operational experience, cosmoONE provides solutions, which address the complexity and the differentiation at the company procurements each time. These solutions lead to increase in the profitability and finally make an important contribution to the functional adequacy of businesses, through the reduction of the direct and indirect cost related to their procurement cycle. The constant monitoring of the developments in the international market of e-business, with steady upgrade of the quality as well as the variety of the solutions provided, are the foundations on which our successful course is based.”

Recently, cosmoONE received the Gold Award at evolution awards 2016, for the “Use of the application compareONE for the Electronic Tender Management by Public Hospitals”, while at the same event it has received, in the previous years, Silver Awards in the category “Application B-B Electronic Commerce” with the “innovative suite of e-sourcing tools” and in the category Service Providers (SP) of Electronic Business, for the “implementation of Forward Electronic Auctions”.