Integrated e-Procurement solutions to Geniki Bank.

Integrated e-Procurement solutions to Geniki Bank.

cosmoONE  has entered into a cooperation agreement and is currently successfully providing integrated e-Procurement solutions to Geniki Bank.

As a result, the CEO of Geniki Bank, Mr Alexandros Manos, commented: “We are extremely happy with the services cosmoONE offers us. I recommend to every company that wants to cut its operating costs in a measurable, transparent and effective way to seriously consider the use of e-auctions.“

The solutions cosmoONE offers to Geniki Bank include the provision of consultation services to review and redesign existing procurement procedures of the Bank, using, at the same time, cosmoONE’s services for sourcing and negotiations, and in particular:

auctionONE, the electronic auction service that is intended to dramatically reduce procurement costs and be used in relatively high-value tenders;

compareONE, the electronic tender procedure service that is intended to create an electronic registry of vendors and conduct eRFIs, eRFPs and eRFQs.

Geniki Bank has already held seven e-auctions and a significant number of small-scale tender procedures through the eRFx service, the results of which were considered highly successful by Mr Alexis Gegios, Deputy COO, as “major cost savings were achieved over the original budget, and at the same time purchasing procedures improved significantly increasing the Bank’s reliability.”

Mr Thanasis Petmezas, General Manager of cosmoONE, said that: our company is committed to providing high quality services, especially in the banking sector, constantly faced with new goals and challenges”.

cosmoONE boasts a 13-year experience in the market of Electronic Commerce, having conducted more than 2,600 electronic auctions and 7,000 electronic tenders, working with the largest and most important organizations of both the Private and the Public Sectors.