Very impressive use for e-RFx service by General Hospital of Attica KAT

Very impressive use for e-RFx service by General Hospital of Attica KAT

The data on the rate of integration and degree of use of the e-RFx service (small-scale tender procedures and market research) by the General Hospital of Attica KAT are impressive.

cosmoONE’s eRFx service achieves a significant reduction in procedure costs and in the overall duration of a small-scale tender procedure. It includes preparing the tender notice, selecting vendors, sending out the notice, receiving responses in a structured way, and evaluating responses up to the awarding decision, in compliance with all necessary security and transparency requirements, thus creating benefits for those who choose it.

The KAT Hospital, during the first eight months of 2013 held a total of 672 requests and small-scale tender procedures through the eRFx service. In these tender procedures participated 369 different vendors who were entered in the system for that purpose at no cost.

The eRFx service is provided over the Internet, so it does not require any investments and new infrastructures in software or hardware neither by the Hospital nor by its respective vendors, resulting in the service becoming productive in a very short period of time.

It is characteristic that, on a given day 52 small-scale eRFx procedures were announced through the system to vendors, demonstrating the ease and speed of use of the service.

The eRFx service has been used by theKAT Hospital to purchase hemostatic materials, vascular surgery transplants, blood drawing supplies, radiological materials, air conditioners, IT supplies and a host of other medical and other goods, while the hospital intends to widen the scope of use of the service.

The Director of the General Hospital of Attica KAT, Mr E. Voumvoulakis,   said: “We  are excited about using this tool, because it offers speed, reliability, transparency and reduces red tape. We have started an effort to integrate as many vendors as is possible in cosmoONE’s digital platform to make purchasing easier. I believe that this is a good practice for the public sector, where strict objectivity is of particular importance, and it fits perfectly in the instructions – guidelines of the Ministry for modernization, and a turn towards innovative and effective solutions”.

cosmoONE, an OTE Group company which specializes in e-procurement, has implemented a total of 7,000  eRFx procedures  and over 2,500 e-auctions for the largest and most important organizations in the Public and Private sectors always aiming at  the flawless operation of the service provided, increasing the rate of its use and at increasing actual resources real savings